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13 October 2021

bjb Mesra Credit Karawang

KARAWANG -- The presence of bank bjb through its product Kredit Mesra has helped the lives of residents in many sub-districts in Karawang Regency. One of the most impactful is avoiding the trap of moneylenders or bank emok.

This is conveyed by the Head of Jatimulya Village, Ato Purtoni.

Ato, whose territory belongs to Pedes sub-district, said that in his village there are eight bank emok. According to him, if the borrowed money is used for business, it is enough to help the economy. But the problem is, the loan is used for daily needs, so that when it's time to pay it back, residents can't afford to pay. Moreover, the way they collect it is quite disturbing.

Ato explained further, since the existence of bjb Mesra Credit, which lends money without interest and with no collateral, residents are increasingly aware of how to use the loan more productively through micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

"One of them is to prevent people to take loan from emok banks," said Ato, as quoted by Kompas.

bjb Mesra Credit Program is a collaboration between bank bjb and the West Java Provincial Government which targets community groups to remote areas.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb, Widi Hartoto, said this program is a commitment and partisanship of the company to encourage economic development, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector.

"The success of the expansion of bjb Mesra Credit is also supported by benefits of the program that are earned by community as customers. The widely perceived benefits of this program have become an organic promotion tool that has succeeded in triggering other people to take advantage of bjb Mesra Credit with all the conveniences provided," said Widi.

He also appealed to the public to be wary of investments offered by companies that offer fantastic profits.

"We will expand the collaboration and strengthen innovation in order to maximize services to bjb Mesra credit debtors. bank bjb is committed to distribute this financing program to people as many as possible so that this financing distribution can provide the best benefits for MSME actors," said Widi.

The benefits of bjb Mesra credit have been felt by many villagers, such as Nur Asyiah. He is a rocking flower seller in Parakan Village, Tirtamulya District. Since she submitted bjb Mesra credit, her business has progressed.

"The interest-free loan repayments and training from bank bjb in managing business capital," said Nur.

The head of Parakan Village, Adih Hidayat, said that with the existence of a digital village, access to banking and non-cash transactions for its residents has become easier.

"Villages can also sell the products of the assisted MSMEs," said Adih.

Not only providing loans, but Adih said, bjb also provides internet access at several village points which is very helpful for school-age children when learning online.

"In the era of digitalization, it is a necessity that must be utilized. This is based on the direction of the Governor of West Java, to reside in village with a fortune of global business city," he said.

Towards a Digital Village

Jatimulya Village and Parakan Village are two of 24 villages in Karawang which are in the process of becoming digital village. This program collaborates with the village government and coordinates with the sub-district and Karawang regency government.

Widi further explained, his party regularly provides education not only about banking issues, but also about digital payments and transactions at bank bjb merchants, especially in Karawang.

Other services provided by bank bjb are non-cash transactions at MSME merchants using the QRIS system and the provision of mini banks at village offices so that people can withdraw and deposit cash to pay. The types of transactions that can be carried out at the mini bank include payments for PBB, BPJS Health, BPJS Employment, to electronic money reloads.

Not only that, bank bjb also facilitates wifi to support people's digital activities. CCTV is also connected to the Karawang Police command center.

"All of that is the Karawang bjb that finances, we want to revive the people's economy," he said.

To achieve this, bank bjb Karawang trains and assists people who become debtors, from upstream to downstream. In this program, high school students at mini banks in the village are not employees of bank bjb Karawang, but residents who are trained. The goal is to make the community become independent.


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