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22 March 2021

Bank bjb Collaboration to Realize West Java Goes Digital

BANDUNG-Digitalization is something that is mandatory in this changing times. The process of digital migration in all lines of life is currently being held. All parties must be ready to adapt to survive the opportunity to develop in every change.

bank bjb as a national change agent is ready to become a loyal partner of local government in accelerating digitalization penetration in West Java (West Java) in order to support economic growth and the realization of a digital provincial vision, including through digitizing transactions to increase regional revenue as an initial step for digitalization which is in line with the growth vision.

One form of support is conveyed in National Webinar "Digitizing Regional Income Transactions to Support the Economy and the Realization of Digital Province in West Java" in West Java Goes Digital event on Thursday (18/3/2021). As is known, bank bjb is one of the parties involved in the Regional Digitalization Acceleration and Expansion Team (TP2DD) as the spearhead of digitalization in the region.

Director of IT, Treasury International Banking bank bjb Rio Lanasier said bank bjb together with all stakeholders in TP2DD continue to encourage the formation of a digital payment culture for community through the Regional Government Transaction Electronification (ETPD) program. This program is a gateway for community to adapt, especially in terms of digital transaction payments.

"We really welcome the formation of TP2DD Team as a digitization command because with a strong command, the digital ecosystem will strengthen its penetration. It is expected that this ETPD will become the gateway for digitization so that the community’s culture will change," said Rio.

He said, this is in line with the vision and mission of bjb in 2020, one of which is to focus on being the main partner of the local government in managing finances. In addition, bjb is also committed to contribute and participate as a driving force and boost to increase regional economy.

"We are very serious about increasing public financial inclusion through digitalization of banking and using big data to improve our strategies for developing digital products and services," he said.

This is done in order to encourage financial inclusion and penetration of the corporate market so that more and more people use digital transaction platforms. bank bjb also encourages the digitization of local government tax revenue through QRIS technology. This is in line with the target of 12 million QRIS users announced by Bank Indonesia (BI).

"bank bjb will optimize local tax revenue through digital channels and explore tax potentials that still use the manual model," he said.

He gave an example, from West Java Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda), for example, there is still potential for transaction electronification up to Rp.7.1 trillion only from the Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) sector. This number will still increase when referring to other potential revenues such as BPHTB, PJDL, PBB, DPMPTSP and WEBREG. 

"Hopefully with the acceleration this year and in the years ahead while recovering from COVID-19, this potential can be reached so that the accountability of this revenue can be obtained optimally," he explained.

In addition, to support ETPD, bank bjb also presents bjb Go Smart City platform as a means to support the implementation of end-to-end electronification of local government transactions and can be applied in all areas of West Java-Banten. This platform is even used in all other regions in Indonesia.

bjb Go Smart City consists of Go Government, Go Branding, Go Economy, Go Living, Go Society and Go Environment components. Each component provides a means of digital transactions and a program to support the local government's Smart City program.

Meanwhile Go Government consists of e-Tax, e-BPHTB, e-Retribution, SP2D Online, IBC, Smart Village services. Go Branding includes Co-Branding ATM / Debit Card services, Employee Cards, Government Credit Cards. Go Economy consists of MSMEs Credit facilities, ASN Credit, bjb BiSA (Smart Digital Practice), bjb Indah (Regional Infrastructure).

Go Living provides transaction facilities that support a modern lifestyle such as bjb DigiCash, Virtual Accounts, and bjb Edupay. The Go Society has e-Ticketing and e-Parking facilities. Meanwhile, Go Environment is implemented through bank bjb CSR.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomes all efforts to accelerate economic digitization by various parties including bank bjb. He said collaboration with various lines was essential to make West Java an innovative province.

"We also want this digital process to be inclusive, not only in the government, but also in the community where we create innovations. We really need collaboration so that West Java with the pentahelix theory becomes an innovative province but also always works together," he said.


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