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19 December 2020

bank bjb is Optimistic to Maintain Consistency of Positive Growth Trend in 2021

BANDUNG – bank bjb is optimistic to be able to consistently maintain positive performance in 2021. Based on records, throughout the year until the end of 2020, bank bjb experienced an increase on positive growth around 8.7% bjb credit, especially in BPD sector.

This achievement is also believed to continue to skyrocket in 2021. The reason is that in the midst of nowadays business climate that is so full of challenges and economic uncertainty due to the pandemic and it is forcing many companies to experience stagnant growth, bank bjb continues to progress and grow. This performance achievement shows the resilience and flexibility of bank bjb in pandemic situation.

Unmitigated, during covid-19 pandemic, bank bjb was able to increase credit growth with a positive value so that it received various awards. Most recently, bank bjb is entrusted have won a prestigious award at 2020 Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) with the category of The Most Resilience Bank.

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi conveyed the key of how bank bjb can survive Covid-19 pandemic. Yuddy said, bank bjb started with optimism in early 2020 with various input from economic experts that the situation and conditions in 2020 would be much better than 2019.

However, no one knows, in the first quarter of 2020, Covid-19 pandemic affected the economy, in national scales. Yuddy admitted, under the conditions during that period bank bjb could continue to grow positively.

This was conveyed by Yuddy in his presentation as one of speakers in webinar discussion forum Market Outlook 2021: Economic Trends During Pandemic on Thursday (17/12/2020) which was broadcasted live streaming on bank bjb official youtube and zoom channel. In the discussion forum hosted by Moderator Bayu Andriyanto News tvOne and MC Syarah Ayu, bank bjb presented competent speakers such as Deputy Minister of BUMN II Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, Head of West Java Provincial Secretariat Economic Bureau Benny Bachtiar , Director of Finance of Perum Bulog Bagya Mulyanto, President Director of PT. Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk Iwan Setiawan, Founder and Chairman of Ancora Group Gita Wirjawan, President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi and Director of Commercial and MSMEs bank bjb Nancy Adistyasari. 

"This condition is come from bank bjb or BPD's own capital business in total, with first pillar of growth in the segmentation of bank bjb financing, which is still large in the consumer segmentation position. This is the source or nature that becomes the basis for future growth," said Yuddy.

In that condition, Yuddy also said, corporate and MSME segmentation become a business segmentation that his company continues to encourage. Yuddy conveyed, one of the concentrations of bank bjb to survive in 2020 is by believing consumers to be the main pillar of growth with existing fixed income, especially targeting ASNs in West Java, Banten, and in all over Indonesia.

On the other hand, Yuddy conveyed, bank bjb also grew significantly in corporate segmentation in 2020. This is because bank bjb targets many segments that support to anticipate or minimize the spread of Covid-19, such as medical devices and agriculture.

Therefore, continued Yuddy, this is become one of points to be entrusted by several BUMNs related to these financing. Therefore, said Yuddy, this is also one of the strategic plans that bank bjb will carry out in 2021.

"This what makes it possible, thank God we can keep this momentum, until the end of this year. The trust of several stakeholders, especially large corporate customers like SOEs who need funding to anticipate or minimize Covid-19 issues," he said.

Yuddy also emphasized that bank bjb remains optimistic towards 2021. His party also believes that bank bjb performance in 2021 will grow at the same rate as in 2020. Moreover, the strongest reason emerged after the presence of 1.2 million Sinovac covid-19 vaccines imported from China by the Government of Republic of Indonesia. This, said Yuddy, give optimism that in 2021 bank bjb will still gain same good development and growth.

"We are indeed growing, bank bjb financing grows at 8-9%. But in RBB we convey the same thing. This means we still have optimism for 2021. Of course, we really hope that in 2021 we will do the same thing," he said.

The optimism of bank bjb in looking forward to 2021 is also strengthened by the presentation of Deputy Minister of SOE II Kartika Wirjoatmodjo where the vaccination planned by the government will be the main driver of economic revival which is expected to occur in 2021.

The economy is predicted to have slightly contraction in the fourth quarter, and will start to grow positively in the first quarter of 2021, driven mainly by optimism regarding the government's vaccination plan. In line with the economic recovery, inflation is expected to increase in 2021, however, interest rates will be kept low to support the pace of economic recovery." he said.

In addition, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also expressed his optimism and West Java economic orientation in 2021 and gave appreciation to bank bjb for its good performance in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and its support for West Java economic development.

"After this pandemic, there have been several new economic orientations for West Java. First, West Java must become the main province in the term of investment, secondly West Java must become a self-sufficient province in food security, the third is health economy, the fourth is economy 4.0 from manual switching to technology, fifth is digital economy, the sixth green economy, and the last to focus is local and regional tourism economy. I really appreciate bank bjb, which during this Covid outbreak its performance and assets are keep growing, hopefully in 2021 the economy in f West Java will improve and bjb will keep rising," Ridwan Kamil concluded.


bank bjb

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