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08 December 2020

Commitment to Eradicate Corruption, bank bjb became the Finalist of 2020 Best UPG KPK

BANDUNG – The consistent anti-corruption practice commitment shown by bank bjb has brought fresh breeze for the company. Apart from being free from the traps of cases that have tarnished a good name as well as obstructing business processes, the steps taken by bank bjb in preventing corrupt practices, especially in the form of gratuities, are appreciated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Based on the official announcement issued by KPK, bank bjb was included in the top five finalists for 2020 Best Gratification Control Unit (UPG) event organized by the anti-graft agency. Currently bank bjb is competing for status as the best four with other finalists in BUMN / BUMD category. This award event was held in commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day (HAKORDIA) which falls on December 9.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that the success of bank bjb in becoming a finalist in this most prestigious anti-corruption event is inseparable with the strong commitment and full support that bank bjb has always shown in various efforts to eradicate corruption.

"Like an illness, corruption will spread and eat away all parts of body as well as paralyzing, even destruct the nation. Therefore, corruption must be prevented. Bank bjb, through its Gratification Control Unit (UPG), tries to make efforts to prevent corruption from an early age and eradicate it from each fraud potential to its roots in order to avoid the dangers of corruption which not only violates law and morals but also creates structural damage," said Widi. 

Through the UPG, bank bjb makes corruption eradication a part of the company's programs. This effort was made since corruption is not only a moral problem, but can also be prevented by structural steps to narrow down the possibility of corruption and fraud. At the same time, bank bjb constantly fortifies its employees from the temptation to commit various kinds of corruption.

These various measures to prevent and eradicate corruption are the manifestation of the joint commitment that bank bjb has made with KPK regarding PPG and the expansion of State Administrators Asset Report (LHKPN) in 2011. Through this commitment, bank bjb always strives to always implement PPG and LHKPN. This is proven by the award given by KPK to bank bjb, both in the gratuity sector and in LHKPN sector.

bank bjb managed to become a finalist in BUMN/BUMD category along with four other participants. bank bjb is the only BUMD company that is in the list of finalists for 2020 Best UPG for BUMN/BUMD category. Apart from BUMN/BUMD category, there are also two other categories; Regional Government and Ministries / Institutions which also have five finalists each.

In his statement, KPK said this award was held as an appreciation to UPG who had contributed to the implementation of Gratification Control Program (PPG) in their respective agencies. As well as being a motivation and an example for other UPGs.

PPG is a prevention program that KPK has developed to control the acceptance of gratuities in a transparent and accountable manner through a series of activities that involve active participation of government agencies, business world, and the community to establish a gratification control environment.

All finalists take part in presentation and judging stages of the final round on 1–3 December 2020 online according to their respective categories, starting from the local government category on the first day and next is the category of ministries / institutions and the third day for BUMN/BUMD category.



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