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30 September 2020

Two Decades of Serving and Transforming, bank bjb Steps Earns Appreciation

BANDUNG - 20 years is not a short time to keep a business running. In that long span of time, many things can happen. Obstacles and challenges come and go, intervene, test the company's resistance to various kinds of exposure, will it survive or slowly collapse. 

The last two decades in Indonesia have been an exciting and challenging times for the business world. When the second millennium was just starting, the country's economic situation had not fully recovered from the impact of 1998 monetary crisis. The devastating impact of crisis made the economy stagger. Business world, which has become the main pillar, rose slowly in this regard, including bank bjb, which was still growing at that time.

As time passed, the storm of crisis began to pass. bank bjb took part in tasting the fruits of its hard work by rising from the lowest point. But not too long, the crisis came back in 2008. Not as big and terrible as before, but still able to ring an alert warning. 

Considering previous experiences, bank bjb has no trouble to clean it up. The company is still able to run fast by recording growth in the following years. This growth was followed by consistency of the company in contributing to encouraging the nation's economy, by optimizing the intermediation function and programs to strengthen the national economy foundations through support for development and community empowerment in an integrated and sustainable manner.

Bank bjb continued to show this excellent performance and give a full contribution until two decades after the turn of millennium. The crisis storm triggered by COVID-19 pandemic has indeed gave an impact to the company. However, thanks to the experience and maturity of bank bjb, the company was still able to carve a positive note. Bank bjb has recorded a net profit of Rp. 808 billion, which is supported by a growth in total asset value of 3.8% year on year (y-o-y) to Rp.125.3 billion. 

The growth made in these challenging decades is an extraordinary achievement and deserves appreciation. Like a tit for tat, bank bjb won a special award for "Excellent in 20 Consecutive Years" at 25th Infobank Awards 2020 which was handed over on Thursday (24/9/2020).

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi said this appreciation was a clear proof of recognition of the outstanding performance that the company had made so far. Hard work, solidity, and a strong commitment to continously transform through innovation, have become the main weapons of bank bjb in achieving its success so far.

"bank bjb always makes customer satisfaction the main orientation in running its business. It is not surprising that then we are always consistent with the transformation by presenting various innovations to bring convenience and satisfaction in our service. This spirit is also driven by the demands of an increasingly fast-moving era, where companies must be adaptable and agile in reading situations to maintain a sustainable growth," said Yuddy. 

Infobank Awards is given because bank bjb is considered capable of consistently showing brilliant business performance through continuous growth. In addition, bank bjb is also considered to own marvelous skills in responding to the times, especially in Industrial Revolution 4.0 era where digital transformation for the banking industry is a necessity.

Practically, bank bjb is indeed keen to make improvements in digital banking infrastructure sector. Various product and service updates are presented to loyal customers who have been partners in growing and developing together. bjb DIGI application, which is now equipped with various complete features to meet all kinds of transaction needs for 24 hours non-stop. Recently, bank bjb has also launched bjb DigiCash electronic money which can be used by wide community. Previously, bank bjb has also become one of the banks that was proactive in adopting the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) technology. 

Digitalization and electronification of this service are also developed by bank bjb in a collaborative program with local governments in the form of electronification of regional financial management services, including digitizing public services, digitizing Regional Government and supporting the Smart City program. Various collaborative programs with Regional Government that have been implemented are PBB-P2 Payment services and other taxes (E-Tax), E-Channel Samsat (E-Samsat), Samsat Savings (T-Samsat), Samsat West Java Ngabret / Move Fast (SAMSAT J'bret), Great Banten Samsat (SAMBAT), National Online Samsat (SAMOLNAS), Internet Banking Corporate (IBC) and Government Credit Card (KKP).

A series of innovative steps made by the company are none other than the real efforts of bank bjb in maintaining its existence in the midst of an increasingly competitive and challenging business era. Driven by the passion to provide the best service and contribution, the company will continue to carry out continuous transformation efforts to facilitate the acceleration of its business in the future.


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