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31 August 2020

Exciting and Full of Prizes bjb Cycling DigiCash V Ride Series 2

TANGERANG SELATANbjb Cycling DigiCash V-Ride virtual bicycle race was held again on Sunday (30/8/2020). Like previous event, the second series of cycling race held by bank bjb in South Tangerang City was so full with an enthusiastic response from people all over Indonesia. Also enlivening Mayor of South Tangerang Airin Rahmi Diany together with the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (FORKOPIMDA) and bank bjb Management Board.

Participants who have done registration process join the competition from the starting point at their respective locations. They all go for 25 km distance in accordance with the provisions of committee to finish the race. The race schedule starts at 06.00-09.00 WIB.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division of bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that bjb Cycling DigiCash V-Ride is a casual sports event organized by bank bjb to support the implementation of healthy living culture while adapting to new habits period. Pandemic situation, should not be used as an excuse to stop doing sports activities that are useful for maintaining body immunity.


"We encourage all levels of society to continue to adopt healthy lifestyle by carrying out regular exercise while always being disciplined in implementing strict health protocols. Through bjb Cycling DigiCash V-Ride, bank bjb tries to create a new format of exercise that is both healthy and fun by taking an advantage of digital technology sophistication," said Widi.

Unlike conventional bicycle events generally, bjb Cycling DigiCash V-Ride utilizes the sophistication of digital technology. The implementation of digital technology allows all participants not to have to gather in one location and be able to take part in competitions in different locations. Registered participants must cycle for 25 km. The bicycle mileage is calculated using the Strava application.

With this kind of competition model, the concentration of the crowd will be divided because the participants will go solo cycling so that this fun cycling event is in accordance with one of the objectives of the event, to support a culture of healthy living and still complying to health protocols during AKB period.

Just like the previous event, second series that made South Tangerang chosen as host city will brings various excitement, include a bunch of prizes in the form of door prizes for the lucky participants. The door prizes provided include a Pacific Noris Indonesia bicycle, a Dahon Ion bicycle unit, a 49' Tv, and various other entertaining prizes.


The technical requirements during the race are also similar to the previous event, registered participants must cycle 25 kilometers in the time range from 06.00 WIB-09.00 WIB. Furthermore, participants must record and report the distance from their bicycle pedaling to the committee by using the Strava application.

In addition, participants are also required to upload a photo on Instagram at start and include the hashtag #bankbjb #bjbdigicashdrive2020 #bjbvridestartPARTICIPANTNUMBER (example: #bjbvridestart10123) and must mention at least two friends. At the finish line, participants must also upload the same photo and hashtag just like the start. The difference is, in uploading photos when they finish, participants must also upload a screen capture showing the distance traveled to the Strava application to be put on the second slide of the upload.

Meanwhile, the registration requirements for this event are that participants must be at least 14 years old and must pay bjb Cycling DigiCash V-Ride registration fee through the bjb DigiCash application. After registration is complete, participants will get a racepack to use on race day. This racepack will be sent to the domicile address that the participant filled in during registration.


bank bjb

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