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06 July 2020

bank bjb, Indonesia’s Most Popular Digital Financial Brands

BANDUNG - bank bjb has again made achievements in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, with the award of Indonesia’s Most Popular Digital Financial Brands (Millennials Choice) from Iconomics. The award was given through virtual awarding on June 26, 2020. Besides bank bjb, there are also other national financial companies that received awards from Iconomics.

Indonesia’s Most Popular Digital Financial Brands Award (Millennials Choice) is based on popular concepts, include the insights and appreciation from millennials. Millennial definition is a respondent who in February 2020 is at least 19 to 36 years old. In order to follow these popular ideas, the survey team conducted many dialogues with millennial spokespersons through various stages include focus group discussions, online quantitative surveys, assessments and appreciation.

For bank bjb, this award is an external party's appreciation bank bjb performance so far. Bank bjb’s programs and innovations have proven to give a positive impact on society. They feel the impact and benefits for life. Meanwhile, Iconomics as a media that was born in the era of digital disruption, gave this award as support and appreciation for the best financial companies in Indonesia that are resilient in facing opportunities, challenges, and competition in the era of digital disruption. Companies that get appreciation are companies engaged in the financial industry, include banking, financing, insurance, multi-finance and securities.

Iconomics Founder and CEO Bram S Putro explained that Indonesia's Most Popular Digital Financial Brands event was a concrete support and appreciation of Iconomics for financial companies. "The progress of digital technology in the financial services industry nowadays must always be appreciated. Along with digital technology development and changes in consumer behavior, especially millennial, digitalization is mandatory, no more compromise. As well as digitalization, it will further accelerate financial literacy and inclusion," said CEO of Iconomics.



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