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Kredit Cinta Rakyat

Prospective customers who can enjoy Cinta Rakyat Credit facility from bank bjb MSME business services are individual or business credit market segment including cooperatives with potential to be financed by credit, such as entrepreneur in productive sector including agriculture, foodcrops, plantations, livestock, fisheries and marine affairs, forestry, industry, trade, community mining and other sectors with businesses running at least 1 year for individuals and 2 years for business entities.

  • Working Capital
  • Investment

There are two types of Cinta Rakyat Credit Limit:

  • Micro Business: Minimum Rp.1million to Rp.20 million.
  • Small Business: >Rp.20 Million to Rp.50 Million.
    Business type is determined by bank in accordance with applicable regulations

  • Minimum 12 and maximum 60months for working capital.
  • Minimum 12 Months and maximum 60 months for Investment.
    Credit maturity date is given to debtor maximum 2 months before due date of Cooperation Agreement between West Java Province & Bank, November 13, 2020.

  • Identity Document (original copy)
    • Valid ID Card of perspective debtor (individual, business entity, cooperative)
    • Taxpayer ID Number (individual, business entity, cooperative)
    • Family Certificate (individual)
    • Marriage Certificate/Divorce Decree/ Death Certificate (individual)
  • Business Document (original copy)
    • Trading Business License (SIUP) along with other permits that applied according business type; SKDU/SKDP, SITU, TDP/TDUP, SIUJK)
    • Company Registration Certificate / TDP (business entity, cooperative)
    • Company deed of establishment and Company Articles of Association basic along with the latest amendment (business entity, cooperative)
    • Notification of legal entity status/State Gazette of Republic of Indonesia (business entity, cooperative)
    • Ratification from related institutions (business entities, cooperatives)
    • Valid ID card/Passport of Management (Board of Directors and Commissioners) and owner/majority shareholder.
    • Availability of Company Data & Business Legality Documents
    • Other requirements required by bank
  • Original collateral ownership documents along with supporting documents
  • Financial documents
    • Bank account for the last 6months - if any (business entity, cooperative)
    • Financial statements for the last 2 years/Proforma and balance sheet profit (business entity, cooperative)
    • Sales/purchase notes and/or sales recap -if any (individuals, business entities, cooperatives)
* For more inquiry, please contact the nearest bank bjb Branch Office.

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