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bjb Obligasi Ritel

Bond is a debt security issued by the government or corporations regarding the agreement of the issuing party to pay the bond coupons and pay off the principal at a predetermined time.

In accordance with Law Number 24 of 2002

Sovereign Debt Instruments (SUN) are securities in the form of debt instruments denominated in rupiah or foreign currency guaranteed by payment of interest and principal by the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the validity period

  • Primary Market Bonds
    Bond transactions that made at the time of the first issuance at 100% price and can only be purchased in a certain period.
    Primary Market Bond Instrument
    • Retail Government Bonds (ORI)
    • Retail Sukuk (SR)
    • Retail Saving Bonds (SBR)
    • Savings Sukuk (ST)
  • Secondary Market Bonds
    Transactions made after the primary market in accordance with the prevailing market price.
    Secondary Market Bond Instrument
    • Government Securities
      • Fixed Rate (FR) series SUN(FR)
      • Retail Government Bonds (ORI)
    • State Sharia Securities (SBSN)
      • Project Based Sukuk (PBS)
      • Retail Sukuk (SR)
    • Corporate Bonds

Bond transactions that are made in the primary market that can be purchased by individuals is Retail Government Securities (Retail SBN).
Retail SBN is a bond issued by the government that are sold individually to Indonesian citizens through Distribution Partners or Sub Distribution Partners of Retail SBN

  • SBN Ritel Products
    Securities Tradable Non Tradable
    Coupon Fixed Rate Floating with floor
    Length Of Period 3 years 2 years
    Minimum Purchase Rp. 1.000.000.-
    Term Of Disbursement In line with maturity date or sold after the holding period In line with maturity date or during early redemption program
  • Retail SBN Issuance Schedule


  • How to Purchase SBN Retail Bonds
    • Own a savings account at bank bjb
    • Own a securities account at bank bjb
    • Fill the risk profile form
    • Place an order in SBN Retail Online system

Bonds traded on the secondary market covers government bonds or bonds issued by state-owned enterprises or private companies.

  • Secondary Market Bond Products

    The information about the bond products offered is available at the nearest bjb precious branch office / outlet.

  • How to Purchase Bond in Secondary Market
    • Own a savings account at bank bjb
    • Own a securities account at bank bjb
    • Fill the risk profile form
    • Fill the bond purchase or sale form

  • Returns that are more competitive compared to deposit products
  • Provide fixed income in the form of bond coupons
  • Potential profit on the sale of bonds
  • Safer investment in Government Securities (SBN) with 100% principal return on the due date

  • Market Risks
    There are potential gains and losses due to economic factors that affect financial markets, such as changes in interest rates, exchange rates, and bond prices
  • Credit Riskt
    A loss that arises because the bond issuer fails to fulfill its obligation to pay the coupon and/or bond principal
  • Liquidity Risks
    Risk arises from not being able to meet obligations due to insufficient liquidity

  • Nominal Value
    The principal amount of a bond that will be received when the bond matures
  • Coupon
    The value of interest that bondholders receive periodically
  • Price
    Bond prices are stated as a percentage
  • Yield
    The total yield / return received, formed from the price, coupon, and tenor of the bond
  • Rating
    Bond ratings issued by rating agencies.

The data or information displayed is only intended as information and does not constitute a recommendation in any form and for any purpose and is not intended as an offer or request to purchase/sell a product

Bond is a product of the capital market and NOT a product of bank bjb and bank bjb is not responsible for any claims and risks arising from Bond product investment. bank bjb only acts as a Bond Product Selling Agent

Investments in Bond products are NOT part of third-party deposits at bank bjb so they are not guaranteed by bank bjb and are NOT INCLUDED in the scope of the object of the government guarantee program or deposit insurance. Investment in Bond products contain risks that allow (prospective) Investors to lose part or all of their invested capital. Every choice of Bond product purchased by (potential) Investors is the sole responsibility and decision of (potential) Investors, including if (potential) Investors choose the type of product that is not in accordance with the risk profile of (potential) Investors..

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