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bjb Kredit Kepada Koperasi

bjb Credit to Cooperatives is a working capital credit facility for cooperatives that is Executing can be used for business expansiondan refinancing adjusted to cooperative and take over needs

  • Working capital loans that continuously being lent to members
  • General working capital loans for cooperatives
  • Cooperative investment loans

  • Non Revolving and Revolving credit
  • Available loan facilities are as follows :
    1. General Cooperative Maximum 5 (five) Years
    2. Employee Cooperative Maximum 12 (twelve) years (depends on cooperative category)

  • Authorized by Competent Authorities
  • Own a savings and loan business license (especially for savings and loan business)
  • Applicant's legal documents (Valid ID card or KTP, company articles of association)
  • Business legality documents (Taxpayer Number or NPWP, Business License or SIUP, SITU, Company Registration or TDP)
  • Not listed as a troubled debtor at bank or other financial institutions

  1. Employee Cooperative
    1. Has been established and operated for at least 3 (three) years for employee cooperatives with government / private entity holding company
    2. Has been established and operates for at least 1 (one) year for employee cooperatives with government holding entities whose members' salaries are paid through the bank
    3. Conduct RAT (annual member meeting) for :
      • 2 (two) years for an employee cooperative with government / private entity holding company
      • 1 (one) year for an employee cooperative with government holding entity whose members' salaries are paid through the bank
    4. Has positive profit for the last 2 (two) years and current month
  2. General Cooperatives
    1. Has been established and operated for at least 5 (five) years
    2. Carry out an RAT (Annual Meeting of Members) for at least the last 4 (four) years
    3. Has positive profit for the last 3 (three) years and current month
* For more information, please contact bank bjb Call Center at 14049 or the nearest bank bjb branch office.
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