Prime Lending Rate

Loan base rate (Prime Lending Rate) bank bjb Date September 30 2019
(% / Year)
  Loan base rate
(Prime Lending Rate)
Based on business segment
Corporation Credit Retail Credit Micro Credit Consumer Credit
Loan base rate
(Prime Lending Rate):
8.66% * 10.16% * 13.21% * 10.17% * 10.01% *

The values displayed here are only an indication and are subject to change without prior notice.

Base rate loans (SBDK) it does not take into account the risk of premium component of the magnitude depending on the bank's assessment of the risk of each debtor. Thus, the amount of mortgage interest rates charged to borrowers is not necessarily the same as the base rate loans (SBDK).

  • In non-mortgage consumer credit does not include the provisions of funds through credit cards and unsecured loans.
  • Base rate loan information at any time can be seen in publications on each bank bjb office and/or the bank bjb's website(www.bankbjb.co.id).
  • KPR consumer credit valid for 1 year fixed tenor the first year.
  • *   Effective interest rate p.a.
    **   Flat interest rate p.a.
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