Safe Deposit Box

Security and confidentiality of valuables

Safe Deposit Box service is a storage box rental property or securities that are designed specifically from steel material and placed in the chamber repertoire that is strong, resistant and fireproof to give a sense of security for its users.

Bank bjb offers safe deposit boxes to store valuables such as:

  • Gold, jewelry, diamonds and other jewelries
  • Valuable documentations such as stocks, bonds, et cetera
  • Important papers such as the diploma, certificate, passport and other documents are hard to get when it’s slipped or burn
  • The benefits you get:
    • The sturdy storage room equipped with robust security system which continuously for 24 hours
    • Competitive rental rates
    • Available in various sizes to suit your needs
    • Confidentiality of stored goods guaranteed
  • The ease:
    • Lease requirement which simply open a savings or current rupiah account
    • Available for both individual and entity
    • The leaser term of 1 year and can be extended

Box sizes and Charges

Size Volume Volume (cm) Rental rate Security key
Small ≤ 15.000 48x7x25 500,000 750,000
Medium 15.000 until  25.000 48x10x25 750,000 750,000
Large 25.00 until  50.000 48x23x25 1,000,000 750,000

List of SDB Services Branch Manager

  1. The main branch is in Bandung
  2. Cirebon
  3. Sukabumi
  4. Indramayu
  5. Tangerang
  6. Cianjur
  7. Kuningan
  8. Garut
  9. Purwakarta
  10. Soreang
  11. Depok
  12. Tamansari
  13. Cibinong
  14. KCK Jakarta
  15. Pelabuhan Ratu
  16. Mangga Dua
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