Mobile Cash

Mobile cash services bank intended to hold bank bjb services to customers.  Currently there are six cars that operate cash in West Java and Banten.

Services on mobile cash:

  1. Bank bjb services through ATM
    • Balance information
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Transfer between branches of bank bjb
    • Transfer between bank members of ATM bersama (joint) and bank members of ATM prima a
    • Payment for  PLN
    • Payment for UNPAD
    • Payment for PDAM
    • Payment for ZISWAF
    • Payment for Telkom (Flexi, Speedy, Home phone, Telkom Vision)
  2. Teller Services
    • Cash Deposit
    • Cash Withdrawal Tarikan Tunai
    • Transfer between branches of bank bjb
    • Feature payments through teller payment
  3. Customer Service
    • Provide information on bank products and services to the general public
    • Handling customer complaints on the transaction in mobile cash
    • Printing of savings book
  4. Other Banking Services conducted through the main office
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