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Bank bjb is proud to provide precious service and a personal best for special person like you. As a large family of precious partners, you are entitled to enjoy our exclusive service:


Hospitality and sincerity is our main attitude in serving you as a member of the precious partners. We are ready to help and handle all your banking affairs in a professional manner.


We truly understand your occupation therefore, the precious partner provide a variety of conveniences for you in carrying out banking transactions of the following:

  •  The service personal banking transactions of the precious partners.
  • ATM card plus debit card.
  • Safe deposit box.
  • As well as variety of other conveniences.


In order to maintain the comfort and privacy of every transaction, then you will be served in a room that we designed specifically as a commitment to always provide the best for you.

Other Advantages

  1. PRECIOUS PARTNER member card can be used in more than 17,000 ATM machines of our partners.
  2. Card members can be used as a PRECIOUS PARTNER debit cards for transactions of more than 56,000 shopping in EDC (Electronic Data Capture) at merchants which spreads through out Indonesia.
  3. Free to use safe deposit box.
  4. The usage of meeting room facility.
  5. Special parking place at the PRECIOUS PARTNER building
  6. Travel arrangement.
  7. Interesting merchandise from PRECIOUS PARTNER
  8. No need to queue to perform transaction.
  9. Customer gathering.

bjb Precious

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