Kredit Cinta Rakyat

  1. Objective

    Potential customers who could have access to “Kredit Cinta Rakyat” facility from “bjb sahabat usaha Layanan UMKM“ should be classified as an individual or business company who have a small scale of productive business on farming, plantation, fisheries, industries, trading, and mining and have been running for minimum 1years (for individual) and 2 years (For small business company).

  2. Objective for Credit Application

    • Working Capital Loan
    • Investment Loan
  3. Credit Limit

    Credit limit for “Kredit Cinta Rakyat” divided by :

    • Micro business    : from 1 million rupiahs - 20 million rupiahs
    • Small business    : Above 20 million rupiahs- 50 million rupiahs
    This classification will be determined by bank followed by regulation
  4. Tenor

    • Minimum 12 months until 30 months for working capital credit type
    • Minimum 12 months until 60 months for investment credit type
      If it given, Loan maturity should be 2 months before the final agreement between the bank and west java government prior to 13 November 2020
  5. Document Requirement

    • Identity Documents
      • Valid ID card (for married couple must provide husband/wife valid ID)
      • NPWP” or tax number card (for married couple must provide husband/wife valid NPWP
      • Family certification or “Kartu Keluarga” for individual applicant
      • Married certification / divorce letter / death certification (if relevant)
    • Business documents
      • Business certificate (“SIUP” / “SIUJK” related to the applicant classification)
      • For small company must provide “TDP’ or “Tanda Daftar Perusahaan
      • Other business permit certificates
        • Akta Pendirian Perusahaan
        • Akta Perubahan Perusahaan
        • Status Badan Usaha
        • Pengesahan dari Pemerintah
    • Certificate of Collateral Ownership
    • Financial Documents
      • Bank Records (Minimum 6 months printed)
      • 2 years Financial Reports
      • Approved sales receipt related to the working business process
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