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  • Warehouse receipt subsidy scheme it also called S-SRG is credit get interest subsidy from the government with the assurance given by the warehouse receipt to the farmers bank, farmers group, the joint group of farmers cooperatives
  • Warehouse receipt is a document of ownership of the goods stored in the vault, published by warehouse manager   


  • Unhulled paddy
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Pepper
  • Rubber
  • Sea Weed


  • Farmer
  • Farmer Group
  • The Farmer Group Combined
  • Cooperative


  • Farmer
    • Lowest age of 21 year old or is married or have a productive business activities in the agricultural sectorial.
    • The agricultural business working for capital purposes
    • Not involved in credit facility program from the government
    • Not included in the black list of Bank Indonesia and has not indicated either as an individual, entity or trustee
    • There is no negative information and not being involved/legal problem
  • Farmer Group/ Combined Farmer Group
    • Have members which conduct business activities in agriculture sector productively.
    • Having an active organization with a board of at least a chairman, secretary and treasurer.
    • Have the rules of the group which all members agreed upon
  • Cooperative
    • Law Regulated
    • Have an active board
    • Meeting the requirements of technical banking
    • Have members which consist of farmer
    • Have a business in the agricultural sector and/or food procurement


  • Farmer
    • Copy of ID card applicant for a wife and husband who is married
    • Copy of a valid Kartu Keluarga (family card)
    • Copy of applicant’s marriage of certificate
    • Pas photo applicant and spouse (size 3x4, 1 sheet)
    • A statement with stamp duty stating having an occupation as farmer and acknowledge by the local head’s village
  • Farmer Group
    • Farmer group who will receive S-SRG, through a designated chairman must submit the following requirements:
      • Letter of statement with stamp stating as farmer group and known by:
        • Local head’s village is relevant if one is domiciled in the village
        • The subdistrict head is relevant if farmers living in some villages in the district
        • Office related agency is relevant if farmers living in some districts in the county/city
      • Farmer group’s management is active for at least consist of the chairman and secretary/treasurer 
      • Power of attorney of the farmer group which appointed chairman
  • Farmer group combined:
      • Combined farmer grouoop who will receive the S-SRG through a designated chairman must submit the following requirements:
        • A statement with stamped duty stating as the joint group of farmer and known by:
        • Head Village/Chief of Village relevant if one is domiciled in the village
        • Subdistrict Head would be relevant if domiciled in some villages in the district
        • Office related agencies relevant if farmer group is domiciled in several district in a county/city
        • Farmer group combined’s management is active for at least consist of the chairman and secretary/treasurer
        • Power of Attorney is given from the member of farmer group combined appointed joint chairman from a member
        • Rules of farmer group combined which have been agreed on by all members
      • Cooperative
        • Cooperative who will receive in the S-SRG through the appointed chairman should submit the following requirements:
          • Letter of endorsement from the cooperative legal entity authorized institutions
          • Statutes and by laws which includes activity in the agriculture sector.
          • Member which consist of farmer
          • Copy of Identity Card (KTP)/other valid identity on behalf of the entire board.
          • Copy of the permit of the legality of businesses owned and still valid
          • Copy of the annual meeting of members (at least 2 last period) and the determination of board composition who have been legalized by the competent authority


  • Maximum credit of ceiling of 70% of the warehouse receipt and/or maximum amount of USD 75.000.000,00 per farmer
  • The repayment period for loans adjusted to the needs of farmers with a maximum for 6 months
  • No additional administrative costs, facility fees and commitment fees
  • The cost of stamp duty in accordance with applicable provisions
  • Collateral provided in the form of warehouse receipt.
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