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  • KUR is credit/financing provided by UMKMK in a productive business for working capital purposes and/or investment
  • KUR Micro is the limit up to Rp. 20.000.000, - (twenty million rupiah) either directly (direct) or indirect (linkage), the rate loans by 22% (twenty two percent) effective per year
  • KUR is retail is with the ceiling above Rp.20.000.000, - (twenty million rupiah) s /d Rp.500.000.000, - (five hundred million rupiahs), either directly (direct) or indirect(linkage ), the rate loans at 14% (fourteen percent) per annum effective.


UMKMK shaped both individuals and business entities conducting business inproductive and feasible but not yet bankable.


  • The lowest age of 21 years old or married and have a productive business activities had been underway for at least 1 year
  • Do not receive credit / financing and working capital or investment banking and / or do not currently accept Credit Program of the Government as evidenced by the results ofBank Indonesia's Debtor Information System at the time of application for the credit /financing proposed, Except enjoying the consumer credit
  • In case the applicant has a debit balance recorded in the Bank Indonesia debtor’s information sytem, but concerned have paid off the loan. Then the required certificate paid/roya with attachment printed account of the bank’s executive/previous financing
  • Not included in the black list of Bank Indonesia and the credit not indicated either as an individual, entity or trustee. 
  • There is no negative information and not being involved in legal problems


  • Copy of KTP applicant and husband/wife who is married
  • Copyof  Kartu Keluarga (family card) that is still valid
  • Copy of marriage certificate applicant
  • Pas photo applicant and spouse (size 3x4, 1 sheet)
  • Copy of electricity, telephone, PDAM last month bill is preferrable
  • For credit application until  s/d Rp 100.000.000,00
    • Copy of description of business (SKUs) from village or political district or service related to business and business location of the debtor 
    • Copy of the formal business license for applicants who are already have them
  • To request loans above Rp 100,000,000.00
    • Copy of  business permit formal (SIUP) as well as other business licence (if any)
    • Copy of  NPWP
  • Proof of ownership of collateral and a copy of the original supporting documentation of ownership of collateral
  • Copy KTP (spouse), family card, marriage certificate of owner collateral
  • Data financial statement along with supporting documents (if any)
  • For credit investment:
    • Letter of offer to purchase machinery/equipment/vehicles/other investment goods
    • Budget plan (RAB) of the construction/renovation/expansion of business premises


  • Copy of Establishment following amendments. (Special for Limited Liability Company plus a copy of Approval Letter from Ministry of Legal Entities related)
  • Copy of Articles of Association / Bylaws (if separate from the Deed of Establishment)Copy Anggaran Dasar / Anggaran Rumah Tangga (apabila terpisah dari Akta Pendirian)
  • Copy of identitiy cards (KTP)/other valid identity on behalf of the entire board and/or owners
  • Copy of the entire license or legality of businesses owned and still valid
  • Copy of the annual meeting of members (at least 2 last period) and the determination of composition of the borad who have been legalized by competent authority (especially for cooperative)
  • Copy of results of general meeting shareholders (AGM) last (special for corporation)
  • Copy the following business tax payments and utility bills, tax returns, phone andwater, to a place of business (at least last month)
  • The usage credit plan for installment payment
  • Annual Financial Report at least 2 (two) years and the Financial Statements most recent period.
  • Proof of ownership of collateral and a copy of the original supporting documentation of ownership of collateral.
  • Proof of ownership of collateral and a copy of the original supporting documentationof ownership of collateral
  • Copy of KTP (spouse), family and marriage certificate card owner collateral if the collateral owned by its management/owners


  1. Direct
    • KUR Micro : Maximum of 20 million
    • KUR Retail : above 20 million until s/d Rp 500 million
  2. Through linkage institute
    • To linkage institute: Maximum of . Rp 2 billion rupiah
    •  Linkage towards UMKMK : maximum of Rp 100 million
2. Credit Period
  • Working capital loan: Maximum of 3 years
  • Investment Credit:  Maximum of 5 years  
  • Investment credit for hard plant : Maximum of 13 years  
3. Expenses
  • Free of administration’s fee
  • Cost of provision of 0.5% credit ceiling
  • The cost of Notary rate prevailing in deed to:
    • Making credit agreement
    • Collateral binding
  • The cost of mortgage insurance based on rates prevailing in the insurance
  • The cost of stamp duty in accordance with applicable certainty
4. Additional Collateral
  • Value
    • Direct
      • KUR Micro : Maximum under 100 %
      • KUR Retail: Minimum 40 % until below  100 %
    • Through linkage institute
      • BPR
        • BPR (Government-owned rural banks):  Claims on the receivables to UMKM from the amount of loans at 100%
        • BPR non region government :
          • Claims for receivables to SMEs from loans extended at 100% plusAgunan fisik minimal sebesar 10%
          • Non BPR :
            •  Claims for receivables to SMEs from loans extended at least 100% plus
            • Physical collateral minimum of 50%
  • Type
Ceiling through Rp. 50.000.000,-
No Type Ownership Certificate
1 Land / Property Title of land ownership / Letter C / Land of Deed
2 Stall  / Hangar/ Kiosk(stall)/ Store SPTB / HPK / SIPK
3 4 wheel-vehicle BPKB
4 Cash Collateral Deposit / savings / Ori


Ceiling  Rp. 50.000.000,- s/d Rp. 100.000.000,-
No Type Ownership Certificate
1 Land /Property SHM / SHGB / SHGP
2 Stall/ Hangar /Kiosk (stall) / Store SHM / SHGB / SHGP
3 4-wheel vehicle BPKB
4 Cash Collateral Deposit / Savings/ Ori


Ceiling above diatas Rp. 100.000.000,- until Rp. 500.000.000,-
No Type Ownership Certificate
1 Land / Property SHM / SHGB / SHGP
2 Stall /Hangar/ Kiosk (stall) /Store SHM / SHGB / SHGP
3 Cash Collateral Deposit / Savings / Ori
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