Mutual Fund

Based on the definition of capital market law No. 8 year 1995, chapter I, article 1 Paragraph 27:
Mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.
Mutual Fund Benefit

  1. Easy Investment :
    • There are many investment options with different investment objectives and investment level of risk, depend on the investor needs.
    • Investment management services such as asset selection analysis, issuers analysis, and regular investment reports.
  2. Diversification:
    • Mutual Fund gathers many investors so the total funds would be great. This enables any investment with various effects.
    • Minimum investment amount is relatively small, start from IDR 100.000
    • The diversification benefit for investor is the risk reduction and optimized investment results.
  3. Transparancy:
    • Financial & investment audited by independent auditor team that regularly selected once in a year.
    • Investment report regularly made, once in a month, contains mutual fund performance details, asset allocation, economic and capital market development.
    • Net Assets value per unit is published every day through daily business Indonesia stock exchange.
    • Investor can find out total amount of their funds that have been collected and in which instrument the investment was spent with its progress.
  4. Investment Liquidity:
    Investor can withdraw the investment (sell back UP) to investment manager on a daily basis stock.
  5. Tax Relief:
  • Based on circular of the tax director No.18/PJ.42/1996, April 30th 1996: Part of the profits (Dividends) and resale of units of KIK equity mutual funds are not included as an taxation object.
  • The mutual funds taxes imposition with income coupon bond income subjected to tax:
    • 2009 - 2010 : 0%
    • 2011 - 2012 : 5%
    • 2013 - so forth   : 15%

Mutual Fund Risk

  1. The decreased inclusion unit value due to investment value changes within:
    • Equity
    • Effects of Debt
    • Money market Instruments
  2. Credit risk, if the company who published the effect of debt is not able to repay the main amount and/or interest due to such effects.
  3. Decreased foreign currencies value risk; the mutual fund wealth value that subjected within equity and debt effects also money market instrument within foreign currency is lessened by change in exchange rates.

How to purchase mutual funds at bjb Bank

  1. Regular purchase
  2. Regular purchase of mutual fund inclusion unit :
    Conducted transaction by inclusion unit holders to purchase mutual fund inclusion unit top up through bjb bank regularly with the intention of investing in a certain period.

Bjb bank mutual fund product

  1. Mutual Funds from PT. Trimegah Asset Management
    • Mutual Funds Trim Cash 2
    • Mutual Funds Trim Balanced Syariah
    • Mutual Funds Trim Combination 2
    • Mutual Funds Trim Syariah Stocks
    • Mutual Funds Trim Kapital Plus

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  2. Mutual Funds from PT. Bahana TCW Investment Management
    • Mutual Funds Bahana Infrastructure Funds
    • Mutual Funds Bahana Prima Equity Fund

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  3. Mutual Fund from PT. Danareksa Investment Management
    • Mutual Fund Seruni Money Market II,
    • Mutual Fund JS Optima
    • Mutual Fund Anggrek Flexible
    • Mutual Fund Mawar
    • Mutual Fund Syariah Index

       reksadana 4

  4. Mutual Fund from PT. Syailendra Capital
    • Syailendra Equity Opportunity Fund
    • Syailendra Balanced Opportunity Fund.
      reksadana 4
  5. Mutual Fund from PT.Sucorinvest Asset Management
    • Sucorinvest Flexi Fund
    • Sucorinvest Equity Fund
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