bjb Kredit Purna Bhakti (KPB)

bjb Kredit Purna Bhakti (KPB)

bjb Kredit Purna Bhakti is a financing service for multipurpose goal for the debtor as retirees and widow/widower where the retirement benefits will/have channeled through bjb bank.


Term of Period and Credit Limit

Debtor Types Period Credit Limit
Retirees/widow/widower 15 Years Up to Rp.250.000.000



  1. Copy of valid ID card (applicant and spouse)
  2. Copy family certificate / marriage certificate
  3. Copy taxpayer number
  4. Copy account book
  5. Salary proof
  6. Retirement Insurance (Taspen) authorized card
  7. Photocard 3cm x 4cm (applicant and spouse) 1 for each
  8. Original letter of employee decree:
    • Decree of appointment of prospective employees
    • Recruitment letter
    • Latest rank/position remarks
  9. Original retirement decree (submitted when the applicant received the retirement decree).
  10. Original statement by company treasurer that the debtor will transmit his retirement payroll via bank
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