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bjb KPR & Mortgage, with widely spread networks in Indonesia can help you to easily manifest your own dream property within such brief time.

bjb KPR
Consumer credit facility that given to prospective individual debtor to purchase and own a property (House/Apartment/Shophouse /Officehouse), either the debtor want to purchase a new one (Primary) from the company developer or as well as the purchase of the former (Secondary) from the non housing developer.

bjb Mortgage Property
Consumer credit facility that given to prospective individual debtor to purchase a homestay with soon-to-be build property / any vacant land as collateral that owned by the debtor, so the debtor can take the home construction loan with the following products:

  • Multipurposes or Refinancing
  • Construction
  • Take Over  Xtra, and
  • Top Up


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Easy and quick process.
  • Flexible period ranges; up to 15 year.
  • Widely spread networks and cooperation with mostly well-known developers.

Term and conditions:

  • The prospective debtor and spouses are Indonesian Citizen
  • Work scope: employees, professionals, (minimum 3 years working on similar field); entrepreneur ((minimum 2 years working on similar field); retirees (payroll by bjb bank)
  • The age of the applicant at least 21 years old or married and when all the credit paid off the applicant must reach maximum 55 years old or 1 year before retirement (employees) and 65 years (professionals, Entrepreneurs and retirees).
  • Minimum limit start from IDR 25.000.000 and maximum IDR*
  • Credit period terms up to 15 years*.
  • Pay the various costs such as: provision, administration fees, collateral value fees, notary fees, collateral contract fees, insurance fees, and other possible costs.


*) Term and conditions applied


Document Type






Prospective Debtor Personal Document


Original Application form


Copy of applicant and spouse valid ID card


Copy of family certificate


Copy of marriage certificate


Copy of divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate for widow/widower

6 Unmarried certificate (for unmarried) from administrative districts
7 Copy of taxpayer number
8 Debtor statement letter for consumer credit submission with property as collateral.


Income Document


Original salary detail proof




Copy of employee decree; recruitment letter, latest position/rank remarks, employee candidate appointment letter, clearance letter





Copy of personal savings account for latest 3 months


Copy of company savings account for latest 6 months




Company financial reports within the latest 2 (two) periods, and/or copy of company transaction reports for the latest 3 (three) months.




Copy of company business license, company establishment certificate.





Copy of company business license and permit, listed company proof.




Business licenses **)



9 Other licenses **)      
10 Copy of professional licensure      
11 Copy of licensure contract      
12 Copy of retirement decree      
13 Copy of KARIP (retirement IDcard)      


Collateral Documents


Copy of mortgage land certificate


Copy of authorized building permits (IMB); current year land & building tax (PBB)


Original property purchase intent letter or property offer letter from seller or any property developer.

Details :

*)     For credit facilities submission with total exposure above IDR 5 billion, the required financial statements is audited (only for private sector and professionals)

**)   such as: permit interference letter, analysis on environmental impact, industrial business license for industrial venture, construction business license, business licenses certificate (depending on the type of business)

***) Specifically for the property purchase from a developer who has been collaborating with the bank, the land documents and building permits temporarily can be replaced by a binding sale and purchase agreements, enclosed by the copy land ownership (arranged in SOP cooperation proposals by developers)

****)Certificates validity as collateral documents need to be verified at National Land Agency with bank partners conveyance notary.

# Mortgage Product Interest Rates

No Fixed rates Fixed period Cap interest rates Cap period Further interest rates
1 8.99% pa.eff 2 years 12 % pa eff. 2 years 13.50% pa.eff
2 9.50% pa.eff 3 years - - 13.50 pa.eff

*Quantity of floating interest rates may be changed in accordance with bank bjb

Purpose of Use

  1. Purchase of property / primary or secondary business property
  2. Top UP
  3. Take Over
  4. Recommended Company Program
  5. Collective Market Program
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