bjb Deposito Suka-suka

bjb Deposito Suka Suka is a deposit design for individual customers denominated in rupiah that could be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

The special quality of Deposito Suka Suka

    • Flexible

You are free to liquefy your deposit whenever without penalty as long you do it before maturity date.

    • The competitive interest rate
Periode rates
1 month 5.25% p.a
3 month 5.25% p.a
6 month 5.50% p.a
12 month  5.50% p.a

The interest rate of Deposito Suka Suka is very competitive making your investment grows faster.

    • The period options

There are variety of the period options adjusts with your needs which is 1 month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month

    • Easy liquification and extension’s

Withdrawal of deposit on the maturity date according to your instruction or with instruction for automatic roll over (aro) then your deposit will be automatically extended without changing the slip which accordance to main nominal deposit or nominal with interest
The interest deposit can be invested back to the main deposit, transfer to personal account or checking account of bank bjb

    • Other benefits Deposito Suka Suka

Can be used as collateral for the loan so that your needs can be fulfilled while your deposit earns interest

Guaranteed by the deposit insurance agency*


  • To fill out applicaton form of opening an account
  • Minimum deposit placement of Rp 10.000.000,-
  • Intended for personal
  • Document requirement:
    • Indonesian Citizen: original KTP/SIM/Passport
    • Foreign Nationality: Original passport and KIMS/KITAS.
  • The stamp fee at the time of opening and release the deposit in accordance with applicable certainties.
  • Interest taxed according to the applicable certainty

 *accordance with arranged regulations

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