bjb Deposito Suka-suka


Competitive interest rates

  • Competitive interest rates make your investment on bjb Deposito suka-suka grow faster.
    Period Interest rates
    1 month 5.25% p.a
    3 month 5.25% p.a
    6 month 5.50% p.a
    12 month 5.50% p.a

bjb Deposito Suka-Suka Features:

  • Minimum deposit placement IDR 10.000.000 and maximum IDR 250.000.000 per bilyet
  • Unlimited multiplier
  • The deposit may be cashed anytime without a penalty.
  • Main entry interest.
  • ARO (Automatic Rollover) facility.
  • If there is a deposit withdrawal within less than 1 month period, the interest will be given proportionally with the 3.50% p/a interest rates
  • If there is a deposit withdrawal before the due date after 1 month period passed, the interest will be given proportionally based on its current rates.


bjb Deposito Suka Suka submission requirement:

  • Personal account:
    • Indonesian citizen: bring valid ID Card/Driving License/Passport.
    • Foreign citizen: bring Passport and temporary permit card (KITAS).
  • The seal cost for deposit submission and deposit disbursement are based on applicable terms.
  • Interest rates subjected to tax in accordance with applicable terms.
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