bjb Deposito Korporasi

Time deposits are deposits denominated in Rupiah is safe, interest rate, various other benefits.

  • Safe
    Your fund deposit will remain safe and secure
  • The ease of withdrawal or extension deposit
    Withdrawal of deposits on the maturity date according to your instructions, or within instruction Automatic Roll Over (ARO), then your deposit will be automatically extended without changing the slip that is under par (principal) or a nominal deposit plus interest
  • Withdrawal of deposit’s competitive interest rate

Deposit interest rate of Deposito Suka Suka make your investment grows faster

  • Term Options

There are various options to suit your needs a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months

  • Deposit Interest Management Options
    Interest on time can be invested back into the main deposit, transfer to a savings bank account or current account bjb
  • Other advantages of deposit
    Can be used as collateral for the loan so that your needs can bemet while you continue to generate interest deposit

Guaranteed by the deposit insurance corporation*

The easiness:

  • Initial payment only Rp 2.500,000,-
  • Interest can be transferred to savings accounts, current accounts or add to the principal deposits
  • Interest can be transferred to savings accounts, current accounts or add to the principal deposits
  • On maturity can be extended automatically (Automatic Roll Over/ ARO) or automatic (non ARO)
  • There is an option period of 1,3,6 and 12 months
  • Deposit interest rates competitive bjb make investments to grow faster.


  • Individual:
    • Indonesian Citizen: bring ID card/driving license, original passport
    • Foreign Nationality: Pasport and KIMS/KITAS
  • Corporate:
    • KTP/SIM/Passport of authorized official.
    • SIUP, NPWP, Articles of the Company and the latest amendment.
  • The cost of stamp duty at the time of opening and release the deposit in accordance with applicable regulations.

Interest taxed according to the applicable certainty

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