Human Resources Departement Overview

A. The division’s Profile on Human Resources

Humans are the most important resource for achieving corporate vision and mission success. No matter how perfect the technology and marketing aspects, without human aspects it would be difficult for a corporate to achieve their objectives.
The organizational structure of bank bjb, Human Resources Division is under the direct coordination of the Director of Compliance & Risk Management.


Struktur Organisasi PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten, Tbk.

Human Resource Management is activity of bank bjb to make the recruitment process, utilization, development, and maintenance of human resources effectively and efficiently. By supporting its vision and mission of bank bjb in carrying out the strategic steps the right to compete in global markets, human resources required to be able to position its role within the company.
Human Resources bank bjb must put its function to support business unit and support with the role as follows:


  • Strategic Business Partner: has the ability to translate business strategy into the actions of companies in human resource management focus to support the achievement of the performance of each work unit.
  • Administration In Order: the staffing data is accurate and useful for human resource management processes.
  • Change of Agent: Capable of being a catalyst for the change process initiated by the company effectively.
  • Corporate’s Culture: In accordance with the bank's corporate values ??"GO SPIRIT", employees should be able to implement a corporate culture in all its work activities. Corporate culture bjb bank has 14 items of behavior, as follows:
    • Friendly, Sincere, kinship
    • Always provide excellent service
    • Fast, Precise and accurate
    • Competent & Responsible
    • Understand and implement the company certainty
    • Consistent, discipline dan exuberant penuh
    • Maintain the image of the bank through exemplary conduct and ethics
    • Focus towards the customer
    • Care about the environment
    • Give the best solution
    • A strong desire for self-development
    • Like the positive changes
    • Fostering transparency, togetherness and a healthy partnership
    • Keep bank and company’s secret

Human resource management scheme can be seen in the picturebelow:

B. Human Resources Planning &Development GROUP

Human Resources Division is divided into 2 main groups as follows:

  • the human resources need to have well planning in accordance with the company's business needs, develop & promote career employees based on competency and performance through a variety of coaching and the opportunity filling the vacancy.
  • Recruitment : Conduct the process selection, recruitment & placement effectively to fill the needs of the company.
  • Development: Collecting the data needed for employee’s development programs periodically.

C. Administration of Human Resources  

In the process of human resource management, the GroupHuman Resources Administration has the following main tasks:

  • Administration & Employee Relations: To conduct in-order personnel administration in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Information System of Human Resources:  Managing data base of personnel and administrative processes through HRIS that is capable of supporting the operational needs of the policies and determination. 
  • Compensation & Pension:  Payments for civil nights both during and after active service period ends according to the rules and regulations
  • Outsourcing / PKWT : to further support the company’s performance and the performance of the functions and the chain work, then the necessary support which is carried out through outsourcing/PKWT.
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