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Food security and energy credit herein after called CTF-E (KKP_E) is an investment credit and/or working capital is provided in order to support the implementation of the food security program and plant materials development bio fuel program.


  • Farmers, Breeders, Planters, Fishermen, Fish Farmers who are members of a farmers group or cooperative.
  • Cooperatives engaged in food’s procurement


  • Farmers in the framework of the development of paddy rice, corn, soybean, cassava, sweet potatoes, peanuts, koro and/or seed (rice, corn and/or soy)
  • Farmers for developing plant onion, pepper, potato, garlic, tomato, ginger, turmeric, greater galingale, banana, the zallaca palam, pineapple, dragon fruit, melon, watermelon, papaya, straweberry, mangosteen’s maintenance, mango, durian, orange and apple
  • Farmers in the framework of the development of sugar cane
  • Farmers in order to develop beef cattle, dairy cattle, breeding cattle, buffalo, goat/sheep, poultry, domestic poultry, ducks, quail and rabbit
  • Farmers group in the context of procurement/rejuvenation equipment and machinery to support the above include, tractors, power threser, corn sheller, water plumps, dryers, vacuum fryer, chopper, tetas machines, milk cooling and biodigester
  • Cooperative in the framework of the procurement of paddy, corn and soybean
  • Fishermen for business activities in the field:
    • Fishing activity, include the effort to catch a fish by using fishing gear, trawl nets and its deriratives
    • Fish farming activity includes cultivation of shrimp, tilapia, carp, catfish, tiger carp and sea weed’s development


    • The lowest age of 21 years old or already married who is having a productive business activity which is active for a year or more
    • Member of a farmer group
    • Willing to follow instruction which is being given from technical or agricultural extension service and comply with certainties as participants of KKP-E
    • Not being obtained credit facility from government program
    • Not included in the blacklist of Bank Indonesia and there is no indication of having problem pertaining loan either as an individual, entity or trustee
    • It has been registered at the technical offices
    • Have members who carry out the cultivaton of commodities that can be financed by KKP-E
    • Having an active organization with a board of at least a chairman, secretary and treasurer
    • Have group rules which all members have agreed
    • Law Regulated
    • Has an active board committee
    • Meets the requirements of technical banking
    • Have members consist of farmers, ranchers, gardeners, fishermen
    • Have business in agriculture, ranch, plantation,fishery and/or food supply


    • Fotocopy of KTP for applicant and wife/husband for the applicant who’s married
    • Fotocop of valid Kartu Keluarga (family card)
    • Fotocopy of marriage license for applicant
    • Pas photo applicant and spouse (size 3x4, 1 sheet)
    • Statement letter with stamp stating as a farmer and acknowledge by local head’s village
    • When working on the land of others required a power of attonerney /description of land owner who are known by the local head’s village
    • When the farmer group in collaboration with business partner for making agreement in the form of mutual agreement, between the farmer and the business partner
    • Registered letter from the relevant technical office
    • The composition of the board of farmer group is active at least consit of the chairman, secretary and treasurer
    • Power of Attorney from the farmer group which appointed the head of the group from its member
    • Letter of endorsement from the cooperative legal authorized institutions
    • Basic statutes and Household statutes which includes activity such as business activity in the agricultural sector
    • List of members consist of farmer
    • Copy of KTP/other valid identitiy on behalf of the entire board
    • Copy all the permit or business legality owned and still valid
    • The result of the annual meeting of members (at least 2 last period) and their management structure determination that has been legalized by the competent authority


  • Plafond (Ceiling)
    • Maximum as big as Rp 50.000.000,00
      • For farmer, rancher, gardener, fishermen, and fish farmer appropriate with the amount of indication needs
    • Maximum as big as Rp 500.000.000,00
      • For farmer group in the context of procurement/rejuvenation equipment machine to support the effort of food crops, horticulture, ranch, farming, fishing and fish farming
      • Food supply for cooperative.
    • Time Period
      • The time period based on the cycles of planting/commodity business financed with a maximum limit of 5 years
    • The expenses
      • Free of administration’s fee
      • The cost of provision of 0.5% per year
      • Notary fee based on tariffs prevailing in deed to
        • Making credit agreement
        • Collateral binding
    • Collateral
      • The value of collateral at least equal to 100% of credit ceiling
      • Type of collateral in the form:
No Type Proof of Ownership
1 Land/Building SHM / SHGB / SHGP
2 Stall/hangar/Kiosk/store SHM / SHGB / SHGP
3 4 wheel vehicle BPKB
4 Cash Collateral Deposit / savings / Ori
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